Spotlight on Devexpress


Mehul Harry is a technical developer evangelist for DevExpress. He is a big fan of Technical blogs, such as ScottGu’s Blog, and loves to listen to podcasts on his free time, such as, Radio Lab. Of course, he is a huge fan of DevExpress’ Blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Mehul feels that all of these communication channels are importanimaget for their business growth and building relationships.

DevExpress is happy to be a sponsor for our Code Camp again. And they’re excited to get the opportunity to host a booth for the first time. They have seen over the years that this is a very important event to attend based on the attendees and the conversations that arise. This event allows attendees to network and learn from one another. The Devexpress team also loves when they get to meet customers in person and discuss their products.

Four employees from Devexpress (Mark Miller, Woody Pewitt, Steve Andrews, and Seth Juarez) will be at the DevExpress booth and conducting different sessions on Microsoft technologies, including: The Science of UI, MVC, and Machine Learning. They are all very passionate about their subjects and our thrilled to share with the Code Camp Community.

Make sure you stop by the Devexpress booth. They will be giving away a DExperience license and other cool swag and prizes.