Spotlight on Google


Wesley Chun is a software engineer, bestseller author, and now a Developer Advocate at Google representing Google’s developer cloud products. He has been programming, teaching, and writing for over 25 years now and was part of the original team that built Yahoo!Mail using Python (plus some C++) many years ago. He is excited that he can utilize all of his skills in his current position to evangelize technologies he’s passionate about.

Wesley loves to attend CodeCamps to network with his peers, but also to improve his own skillset and learn from the many other speakers at CodeCamp. Wesley believes that everyone in the Silicon Valley can benefit from attending such events because they help involve and grow the community of developers. Wesley is pleased that Google is able to help sponsor CodeCamp this year: "All that makes sponsorship worthwhile because it is a good cause."

The very first CodeCamp was back in 2006 where Wesley gave both a general Python as well as a talk on how to control Office apps using Python. Since then, he’s given that those pairs of talks every year.

This will be the first year he swaps out Office for App Engine. He is excited to give lectures about his favorite topics, but if after attending his sessions leaves you hungering for more, feel free to read more in his books: “Python Web Development with Django"

( and "Core Python Programming"

( From his sessions, he is hoping to spread this knowledge to developers who are curious and want to learn more about Python and App Engine.

Google, with help from Wesley, has an entire track around Google Technologies (

Check them out to make sure you do not miss any sessions from Wesley and his colleagues.