First of 5 Tracks Posted to the SVCC site, MOBILE!

We’ve posted our first of five tracks this year. Simply titled "Mobile" and curated by Falafel Software. This track includes one of the most popular sessions titled "The Current State of the Union in Mobile Development" from Lino Tadros, CEO of Falafel. Falafel is the maker of EventBoard, the mobile platform that drives our Silicon Valley Code Camp Mobile application on all three major smart phone platforms, IOS, Android and Windows 7. Another top session is from Lance Bullock on iPhone Development. Many of you may remember Lance’s packed session last year at code camp when we had issues with air conditioning. Over 200 people stayed (including Lance!).

If you have not been back for to the site for a while, please come back and check out our almost 180 sessions as well as the Mobile track. You can find the Mobile track at the url: . You can quickly sort through all the sessions at code camp as well as click on column headers to sort by visiting the url:

Silicon Valley Code Camp is just around the corner! Besides announcing more tracks over the next few days, we will be also putting up the volunteer page again. Keep an eye out for that so if you can help, you make sure you pick the time and job that you are best at.

See you all soon

Peter Kellner

Silicon Valley Code Camp Coordinator

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