Just Sent A Reminder To All Unregistered folks (who have registered before) that they need to Register!

Our records show that you are not registered for code camp this year on October 8th and 9th at Foothill College, and that you’ve registered in the past. We’ve got over 200 sessions up now and would love to get you registered. Click the URL below and register! We may have to restrict registration this year so sign up now before we close. Click on the link below, mark (check) which day(s) you will attend, then press the update button. It’s free and it’s soon!


Then, Checkout all our sessions (all scheduled now).

If you would not like to continue to receive emails, click on the above link and mark that on your registration page or simply reply to this message with unsubscribe in the subject.

Finally, and most important, Spread the Word! I can’t emphasize that enough. We get the greatest speakers in the world because you all come to hear them. Tell your co-workers, post code camp on your internal web site, stand on a corner with a sign! Whatever works, just please spread the word. You can also get some SEO love back from us from your post about code camp. Read about that here: http://blog.siliconvalley-codecamp.com/2011/09/22/get-a-link-from-silicon-valley-code-camps-web-site-back-to-you/

Peter Kellner
Silicon Valley Code Camp Coordinator

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