Mobile Viewers For IPhone,Android,Windows Phone 7 From Falafel Software

Falafel Software has once again delivered awesome integration with our Silicon Valley Code Camp Data and the Mobile World.  This year, in addition to all the capabilities we all enjoyed last year, you can now update your personal agenda in these mobile devices by simply entering your EventBoard registration email on the Code Camp Registration Page.  In other words, all you have to do is create an account on the mobile applications from Falafel (called EventBoard), then enter that account name on the Registration page of Code Camp.




To get EventBoard, scan the QR Code, visit on your desktop or mobile device and follow the download link, or simply  visit the  Apple App Store, Android Market, or Windows Phone Marketplace and search for "EventBoard" by name.  Below is the QR Code if you want to try and scan it now.




In addition. Falafel has put together a short video that gives you an introduction.


Don’t forget, it’s really important to select what sessions you plan on attending.  That information helps us put sessions that have the most interest in the largest rooms.  We can’t guarantee everyone will be able to attend every sessions, but doing this, gives us a fighting chance!  You can use any of these mobile apps to select interest.  As always, you can select interest on the web site also.  The pages that allow this (assuming you are logged) are: (standard html page) (fancy Sencha ExtJS 4.0 JavaScript Version) (same as above but customized for the IPad)


Looking forward to seeing you at code camp very soon!

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» said: { Oct 20, 2012 - 12:10:13 }

Ich würde mit Ihnen muss hier überprüfen. Welche ist nichts, was ich normalerweise tue! Ich bekomme Vergnügen beim Lesen eines veröffentlichen, machen Individuen denken kann. Darüber hinaus ermöglicht dank für mich zu bemerken! xyj