Great Session On Robotics, Kinect-based hardware! Consumer Robots

If you have any interest in robotics, you’ll want to check this out:  “Create a Kinect Powered Personal Robot with Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio”   This session introduces the just released Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta, available as a free download from Crow,  is flying in from Redmond to talk about and Microsoft’s efforts and he will be bringing EDDIE with him.  Check out his session at 10:45AM on Sunday.


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RDS 4 includes the definition of an affordable, extensible Kinect-based hardware reference platform that supports technologies and scenarios for consumer robotics. Anyone can build a robot using this specification, and we’re also working with robotic hardware vendors that will offer compatible components, kits and preassembled units. Parallax is offering EDDIE, the first such kit based on this reference design.  EDDIE and other reference platform implementations provide the foundation to inspire development and technology sharing.  RDS 4 includes an accurate representation of the reference hardware platform in its built-in simulation environment. You can design, build and run your robotics application in the simulator before you even decide to buy a physical robot.

RDS 4 provides availability of Kinect services, built on top of the Kinect for Windows SDK.  This unlocks some very powerful Human Robot Interaction (HRI) using both skeleton tracking and speech. The raw sensor streams are also available to support navigation algorithms and other advanced features.  RDS 4 includes an obstacle avoidance service that fuses the Kinect input with the other proximity sensors to demonstrate how the sensor array can be used to intelligently navigate in a real-world environment.

In RDS 4 also provides the first implementation of robotics programming using Silverlight.  This is a first step towards engaging a broader community of developers who might not have previously been involved with robotics, opening the door to a whole new range of robotics scenarios.

Come attend this session for an overview of RDS 4, some specific examples of how easy it is to create your own unique robotics applications, and to see a demo of EDDIE in action.

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