ASSIA, A SVCC Platinum Sponsor, Did not Invent the Internet, But Does Deliver it!

Did you know that your software development talents makes high speed Internet available to everyone??  Come be part of the digital revolution at ASSIA!

A little about our history: Back in 2003, our founder Dr. John Cioffi, who was a Stanford professor, a successful business man not to mention widely regarded as the “Father of DSL,” founded ASSIA after his research proved that service providers could realize breakthrough improvements in the performance and profitability of their DSL networks through software innovations.

What’s ASSIA like today in 2011? ASSIA has more than 80 percent of the US market and over 15 percent of the world market in dynamic spectrum management tools.  We have customers and offices on four continents. We work on the leading edge of DSL access technology, advancing software that leverages existing copper investments and delivers the fiber-like performance and reliability. 

Here’s some stats for those of you like numbers:

  • More than 300 Million DSL subscribers today
  • Everyday, more people choose DSL for broadband than fiber, fixed wireless and cable combined
  • 45 Million DSL lines are under contract with ASSIA
  • Own 85% of the US Market, 15% worldwide
  • Supporting growth of IPTV and massive expansion into wireless
  • Global company with global customers
  • 72% of our staff have higher education degree’s
  • IEEE fellow’s on staff
  • Over 250 patents

Here are more stats to show that ASSIA is a winning company.

  • Broadband InfoVision 2011 – Award for Access Network Technologies
  • Red Herring Top 100 Winner – Recognized for innovations and outstanding achievement in telecommunications
  • The Economist Innovation Award – Dr. John Cioffi, 2010 Computing and Telecommunications winner for his advances in DSL Technology
  • Please stop by the ASSIA booth in the Sponsor’s area for more reasons why ASSIA is hiring software developers!

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