World Famous Ward Bell To Fill In on Windows 8 Track, WinRT with JavaScript

For those who have never met or listened to Ward Bell speak, you are in for a treat at Code Camp this year.  Ward, who is the CTO at IdeaBlade, will be filling in for the Microsoft WinRT guy who could not make it this year unfortunately. Ward’s skills are wide and deep.  At MIX11 this year, Ward had one of the most popular sessions on designing UI’s for the Phone.  Not surprisingly, there are a lot of similarities between programming for Windows 7 Phone’s and programming for Windows 8 Metro.  Come to Wards session and see for yourself.


Using the Windows Runtime from JavaScript in Windows 8   (Saturday 1:45)


Double Agent: Silverlight meets JavaScript  (Saturday 3:30)



Ward Bell doing a required ritual before a Microsoft keynote



Combined Link

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