Day 1 Wrapped, Congratulations to Everyone! Volunteers, Sponsors, and Attendees!

I love it when a plan comes together.  The weather gods were totally on our side, moving the sponsors to the lunch area worked great, the sessions were really well attended and all the feedback I heard all day was just wonderful.  We were a little short on sandwiches, but made up on it with extra pizza.


A Huge Thank you!

All through the day, countless people came up and thanked me for putting the event together.  First, let me say I really appreciate people saying that because it is a lot of work, but second and most important, I’m really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what takes to put on an event like this.  When you look around, you’ll see literally hundreds of people wearing code camp volunteer shirts, staff shirts and speaker shirts.  All those people our volunteers and together we make the event a success.   I feel blessed to be working with a group like this, and even a little guilty accepting the gratitude when I know so much of the credit goes beyond me.  So, to all you people who put in so much effort to make code camp a success, you have my heart felt thanks.

Below are some pictures.






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