Code Camp Speakers, How To Point Your Session Directly to your Blog Or Download Link

Now, in addition to being able to use PBWiki for pointing your session to slides and code, you can enter a URL into the session itself and that link will be active directly from your session.   that is, if you press the “Edit” button your session from the Sessions page, you will see a new option to put your URL in (as below).




If you put something in these field, that link will be the redirect target when anyone clicks on the “Slides and Code” link on your session. That is, instead of saying “wiki here”, it will now say “Slides and Code” as a hyperlink.  The trigger is anything entered in that field.




For those observant folks, the “Queue Email Notification” is a work in progress.  Feel free to check it, but that feature is not yet completed so it may be queued for a while.

Any questions, feel free to comment below.


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» Vince Mansel said: { Aug 27, 2012 - 04:08:08 }


I understand that session submissions have been closed for speakers for 2012.
If there is a cancellation of a speaker in the next couple of weeks,
it would be my great privilege to deliver an intermediate-level topic about iOS development,
specifically about how to write an Objective-C API Wrapper for Trello that would include
an overview of the open-source code that I authored
( and a concrete demo of
a collaborative/creative production planning app that builds on the API.

Let me know, and I will submit more details as needed.


Vince Mansel