Code Camp Sponsors Information Updates


With our latest release of the Silicon Valley Code Camp web site, sponsors can now maintain the information associated with their sponsorship.  For example, at the end of each code camp, we send an email to all our attendees letting them know how much we appreciate the sponsors covering all the expenses of the event.  In this email, we include a short (up to 140 characters) message from each sponsor.  Rather than trying to collect these emails one at a time, we ask each sponsor to go to a specific web page to fill in this information, then we combine them all into the email.


Nuts and Bolts of How Sponsors Fill in Their Information

Any sponsor who wants to update the sponsorship information inside of the code camp web site needs to have an account within the code camp site.  That means, the this particular person who will update the sponsor information must be registered with an email address that is associated with the sponsor.  You are probably thinking this is a chicken and egg problem.  How can you (the sponsor) add yourself to the list of people who are associated with the sponsor if you do not have an account to do it with.  The answer is we will set you up the first time, but you first have to register and tell us what your email you registered with so we can associate it with the sponsor record in our system.  Once that is done, when you go to the Registration Page and you will see a new hyperlink under the registration tab that you click on to modify the details.




When you click on this hyperlink, you will get the following page:




This shows you what we currently have (most likely all the top information will be blank and you need to update).  The emails at the bottom and user information we use so we can send special information to sponsors.  That is, will receive information only intended for sponsors.  The two last columns determine whether or not these people will receive the information.  These email addresses to not need to be registered on the code camp site.  They will still get emails as the last two columns says.

Notice you can enter new people who you want to get special sponsor emails by typing there email address in the empty textfield, then pressing the “Insert” hyperlink.  You can also edit existing people you have associated with the sponsor by pressing the “Edit” link.  Just as an aside, if you delete there name here, it does not effect there registration to code camp, it just denies them access to this page and of course keeps them from getting special emails.


The next step is to press the “Edit” link.  The page looks as follows:




This is a very simple edit page that the sponsor updates as necessary.  Pressing the “Update” button is required to have this information stored.  When pressing the link “Sponsor Information Page”, this takes you back to the previous page where you can verify your data was input correctly.