Registering For Code Camp, No New Account Needed!


There has been some confusion regarding code camp registration and user accounts.  The user account you created in code camp year(s) ago is still the same user account you register with this year.  To register for this year, you just need to login to your account (username at bottom here), click which day(s) you are attending on the top of the registration page (, then press update.


Registering Each Year

To be more clear, when you login with your code camp credentials, then click ob the registration page, you will see the following:




All you then need to do is click which days you are attending (Saturday, Sunday or both), then press the “Update Information” button on the right and you are registered!  You will not get any kind of confirmation, but when you log in and go to the registration page again, you will see that you are confirmed for those days.


Choosing Sessions

Once you’ve done that, we really need to know what sessions you will be attending so there will be room for you at those sessions.  Please take the time to choose which session you are interested in (more details here:


See you at Camp!