Code Camp Speakers! How to Attach Your Slides and Code To Your Session(s)



Thanks to one of our Platinum sponsors (Box), we now have the worlds easiest way for speakers to share there slides and code with attendees.  Over the years, we’ve tried multiple unsuccessful ways to do this from different kinds of wiki’s to just simply letting the speakers put a link out there.  None have worked well.  So, here our our goals.

  • Easy For Speakers To Upload Their Materials
  • Fast Reliable Viewing of Materials From our Session List

Seems simple, but we have been tripped up by authentication issues, reliability issues, programming issues just name a few.  So, last year,  in the sponsor area, I spoke with some of the engineers and we brainstormed about how we could make it easy using Box’s technology.


Speakers View


When the speaker selected “Edit Session” from the link on their session page, they see the following screen.  They simply press the button titled “Edit Session and Upload Code” and they will see the following screen.




When the button “Create My Unique Email Address For Uploading Slides and Codes” is pressed, the button turns to a hyperlink that is just a “mailto” tag that when pressed will launch your email client so that all you have to do is attach your slides and code and then press send.





That is, press the mailto: Custom.. hyper link will dump you into your emai program where you just attach your slides and code (example screen follows).




One final thing is that material can not be edit once it is uploaded. It can all be deleted by pressing the “Clear Al My Slides..” button in the Session Edit screen, then press the “Create” again and resend the material.  Maybe Edit will be Code Camp Version 8?

That’s it!  Look at the next section for what this looks like to the attendee.


Attendees View


The attendee’s life is very easy.  When they go to your session, they will see a link that says “Link to Slides an Code” as follows:




When they press that link, they get directed to a public URL on the box network




Also, built in is the ability for attendees to post comments.


That’s it! 

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» TechMonkey said: { Oct 1, 2012 - 03:10:54 }

This is incredibly cool!

» Mark A said: { Oct 2, 2012 - 03:10:29 }

Big upgrade — GREAT work. I’ve tried to use the wiki setups in years past and it was clunky at best. I especially like your example screenshots!

Thanks for all you do for the SVCC.

» Vlad Patryshev said: { Oct 8, 2012 - 11:10:46 }

I wonder where I can see sessions evaluations…