Software Architecture Must Accommodate Change


Here is some of my coverage of the 2012 Silicon Valley Code Camp at Foothill College in Los Altos, California where I was reporting for Dice and Dice News.

“The hallmark of a bad design is when the design has to change to accommodate the change in a requirement,” said Juval Löwy, President and Chief Architect of IDesign. Good architecture is built with change in mind. It encapsulates that change by creating functionality where and when you integrate with system volatility.

Löwy led sessions on architecture and process at the 2012 Silicon Valley Code Camp conference at Foothill College in Los Altos, California.

For Löwy’s other session he explained how to orient your process to accommodate the highly modular nature of modern software systems. The act of project planning is actually an engineering task. The architecture may not allow the process to go too fast, but how can you create a plan that prevents it from slowing down, asked Löwy.

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