.NET User Group Participation Critical for .NET Success

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Here is some of my coverage of the 2012 Silicon Valley Code Camp at Foothill College in Los Altos, California where I was reporting for Dice and Dice News.

“It’s sometimes lonely in front of the computer,” admitted Mathias Brandewinder, lead for the San Francisco chapter of Bay .NET, a Bay Area user group for .NET developers. We spoke at the 2012 Silicon Valley Code Camp conference at Foothill College in Los Altos, California.

Brandewinder joined the group and eventually ran a chapter of Bay .NET because he wanted to be on the forefront of .NET’s cutting edge technologies, and he also wanted to meet other fellow developers. The Bay Area, said Brandewinder, is admittedly not the most Microsoft-friendly area and finding other local .NET developers is really important. Plus, having the weekly education (Bay .NET meets four times a month) is critical because the .NET framework is huge and it’s changing very fast. To maintain his .NET chops, it’s important for Brandewinder to keep up with what’s important and not important.

Brandewinder ended up a .NET developer accidentally seven years ago. As a kid he wanted to be an architect. Software development filled that desire to create, but at a higher level at an even more experimental level, said Brandewinder, who hasn’t had a problem finding work ever since he became a .NET developer.

“I think [software development] is one of the most human people-engaging jobs around,” said Brandewinder. “I love talking with people who are expressing what they do, and you have to understand what they do and give them a great solution. It’s a very exciting problem.”

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