Great Progress Towards Code Camp 2013 Version 8!

Last year at this time we had less than half of the currently listed 122 sessions.  We almost missed having Douglas Crockford for year number 8 but to our good fortune, his Europe plans changed and he is again hear for his 8th year in row!

As part of our new web site design, we’ve created a brand new Spread The Word badge that we would very much appreciate you posting on your blog, internal or external company web sites, or any social network that will take it.

Attracting world class speakers is something that all you attendees make happen so please please please, help us spread the word.  All you have to do is go to the page: SpreadTheWord, copy the html from the text box and put it on your site.  You can see an example of what this looks like below:

CodeCamp Number 8 at FootHill College.    

We are actively seeking Track Organizers and Sponsors for code camp.  Not all sessions at camp are tracked, but for those that are it’s important we have key people make sure those tracks have consistent high quality content. If you are interested in being an organizer, please let us know.

As always, thanks for everyone’s awesome support.  We succeed every year because of the big efforts of our great speakers, sponsors and of course you attendees. And, of course, please make sure you are registered by logging into the site, going to your profile page and making sure you have checked the days you plan on attending. Then, choose the sessions you are interested in by going to the sessions page.