Alpha 1 of New Silicon Valley Code Camp Mobile App, NEED FEEDBACK!


Today is our public preview of our new SV Code Camp mobile app.  We need to make sure it is up to the job as we get closer to camp and would really like feedback.  It’s an Web App for mobile that works best on new smart phones, specifically, IOS, Android and Windows 8.  On other phones (Windows 7.5, older IPhones and Android devices it is not very functional).  The URL is really easy.

Aside from doing things like letting you select your session interest on mobile now, you can also view all the sessions by the top tag (category) associated with the session.  At the moment, the mobile app is the only way to view sessions by the top tag.  Try logging in anonymously or with your code camp credentials and pick the sessions you are interested in. To see how it will work with session times and rooms once we assign them, go to the “info” page on the app and change to viewing a previous year, then make sure to go to the “filters” and change the sort to time or room.  And, don’t forget to check out the new “Tag” sort from the filters page also.  That only works for this  year since 2013 is the first year we are introducing the new top tag per session.

For those interested, this app was partially built as a technology demonstration for my 4+ hour Sencha Touch (Mobile JavaScript framework) Plurasight Training video.  If you are interested in know more about Sencha Touch, check it out.  It’s a labor of love.

Below are some screen shots of the new app waiting for you.

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» Bernie said: { Jul 29, 2013 - 09:07:44 }

Does not load (period) on Opera on iOS6 on an iPhone5

Does not function via Chrome on iOS6 on an iPhone5 (login page loads, can enter un / pw but when pressing either ‘next’ or ‘go’ buttons on the keyboard, page does not load

When running Safari on the self-same phone, Safari shows the login button. The Login button DOES NOT APPEAR in Chrome.

Page loads only in Safari on this phone.

Nice filtering (all, int + att, int, att)
Future – include presenter photo on topic listing.
Future – include ability to search by presenter on presenter page.
Future – include ability to search titles on title/topic page

» Roy Glunt said: { Sep 6, 2013 - 10:09:15 }

Delay when loading new pages on iOS6 on iPhone 4 (Safari)
Screen does not display presenters information till the screen is touched after it is loaded. (Safari)
Filtering on Session list should be more flexible, really time consuming scrolling through the whole list, if the filtering would let you reduce the list based on criteria that would be far more usefull.

» Peter Kellner said: { Sep 6, 2013 - 10:09:07 }

I have seen chrome fail on IOS. that surprise me but no ideas. Since all iphone’s have safari, I think it’s good enough to go with safari for this first release.