We Need Days Of Volunteers for Silicon Valley Code Camp!

SVCC needs your help.  This year’s event is bigger and better than ever and we need more helping hands to make things run smoothly.  Volunteering has so many benefits, the chance to meet and work with others like you, that feeling of goodness knowing you are contributing to our technology event, plus you’re invited to attend the speaker appreciation dinner on Saturday and you’ll get a cool T-shirt.  All this for just a couple hours of your time.

Our procedure this year for volunteering is the same as the past two years.  If you want to volunteer, you need to update your registration/profile page and let us know you are interested in volunteering.  Then, after that, simply go to our “Select a Job” page and pick what suits your schedule and interest.
This registration page requires you to check the box at the bottom to volunteer, as well as put a contact mobile phone number that we can reach you on at the event itself.  Then, after you have updated your registration, go to this page: Volunteer For Job and pick the job(s) you are interested in doing.
Most of the jobs are 1 hour with a 15 minute overlap to train the next volunteer. A few jobs are longer 1.5 hours. We’d really appreciate volunteers who can handle 2 slots (back-to-back on Registration, which would effectively be about 2 hours).
See you Very Soon!
Best Regards,
Peter Kellner
Silicon Valley Code Camp Coordinator
Mobile Session Viewer And Planner: http://svcc.mobi/ 
*BTW, our schedule is live! If you have not picked your sessions, please login in and do so asap.
Screen Shot Of What You Need To Update On Your Registration Page
   registration page