Notice Sent To SVCC Speakers And Sponsors Yesterday

Hi Current and Past SV Code Camp Speakers and Sponsors,
Today, our speaker and session pages have undergone a major facelift that may require speakers to make changes to their session(s) and bio.  As we are days away from our first big announcement of our SV Code Camp 2014 to all our past attendees, we want to make sure we have as many sessions up and accurate as possible. 
On the speaker profile, we want you to include speakers social networks (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In).  As you can see from the screen shots below, attendees will see links to as few or many of these as the speakers want on their speaker page.  We have also updated our sessions page to better highlight session tags as well as the speaker profile.  To edit or add these, simply go to the session submission page (Program/Submit Session), choose "submit sessions", then double click on your session and update accordingly.  Speakers will see a preview of the social network links they enter, so it is important to verify those are accurate.  Also remember, cache clears in about 20 minutes after changes are saved.
Any questions, please let me know and of course, thanks so much for all your efforts.
Peter Kellner
PS:  We are a little late this year on our general announcement because we have been waiting to get all the details worked out around our new non-profit company "Silicon Valley Code Camp Giving".  This mission of this new non-profit is to support Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education through donations from our attendees.  All attendees, when they register, will have the option to make a donation that will directly benefit Foothill College which as you all know has been our awesome host for Code Camp for these past 9 years.
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