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Silicon Valley Code Camp has had kids sessions for many of the past 9 years.  Last year, for the first time, we made a more concerted effort to organize the kids sessions and put them all in their own area.  We managed it informally like we do with all our professional sessions, and with the exception of maybe a little too much enthusiasm (the rooms were kind of packed, but the kids did not seem to mind), things went great!

This year, we are taking our SVCC Kids to the next level.  We’ve created a dedicated page on our site, we are allocating more dedicated space for SVCC Kids and we are formalizing signups for SVCC Kids so we better manage attendance.  We are also accepting sponsor so that we can better serve SVCC Kids.  Contact us  for more information.


The Basics

The basics are that in order to sign up a kid for a session, you must do the following.

  • Create a separate SV Code Camp account (login) for each kid
  • Assign a guardian to the kid
  • Make a minimum $25 donation to SVCC Giving


SVCC Kids organization is not large and does not have the staff to keep track of the kids.  We ask that an adult guardian be responsible for the kid at all times.  We ask that when you create the kid account that you also assign a guardian to that kid.  You do that by either assigning an existing code camp account to the kid or creating a new account for the guardian and assigning that do the kid.  We also require a minimum $25 donation to SVCC Giving.  This donation give us better accuracy in knowing who is coming to the kids sessions.

Screen By Screen

So how do you actually sign up your kid? (or, if you are the kid, what next?).

First, you need to create a kid account on the code camp site.  This is no different then creating an a professional account (also known as “not-kid”).  There is no donation requirement for the professional account and of course the professional does not need a guardian (well, most professionals anyhow).

The steps are 1, create a new account by pressing Register (assuming you are not logged in already, if you are logged in, you need to log off first).


If you do not like to use AOuth authentication (that is, using your Google, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft accounts) to login, uncheck the box titled “Use Social Media As Login” and then you can create an account that has a password stored directly on the SV Code Camp site.  Keep in mind, that if you do use the OAuth authentication, you will still have an account on the SV Code Camp site, it will just use your email as the username and you will not need a password to login, just press the appropriate social login icon and then you will be authenticated through that.  If you ever want to log directly into an account you created with one of the social media OAuth providers, you can do so by using the “forgot password” dialog and enter in your email address.  Then, you will be able to set a SV Code Camp password to your account and not have to use the social media logins.

Moving right along, once you have created your account (assuming this is the kid account) you will be redirected to the second step of the new account process.  That is, you will be on the profile page.  You can always come back here later by simply logging into the SV Code Camp site and pressing the “Profile” tab on the left top of the main page.  You will see a dialog with a save button on the top, and if you scroll down to the “Kid Section”, you will see the following:


From here, you must choose the “Are You a Kid?” checkbox, you must put in a birth year for the kid and you must put in the username of a guardian.  If you do not, you will see lots of warnings like what is below telling you what you have forgotten.  Until you clear the warnings, nothing will be saved. Of course you must press the “SAVE” button as pictured below.


And, an example of a warning you might receive (there may be more than one paragraph so read the full warning carefully).


Once you fill this out (including a guardian username) and press save, the guardian will get an email asking for a confirmation.  The email looks like:


When the guardian click on the link, they will get a screen that looks like


Upon pressing “Confirm Responsibility” the kid will then be able to sign up for kid sessions.

That is, logging back on the kid account, going to the Sessions page, then select the checkbox “Kids” as follows, you will see the following screen.


Notice that Kids sessions are all marked very clearly with the green kids flag.

Next, when the kid says “interested in” by pressing the interest button, assuming that both a $25 donation has been made to SVCC Giving and a guardian has accepted responsibility for the kid, interest will be registered.  Keep in mind, this is not a guaranteed spot in the class. We can not guarantee slots until we have made our schedule will will not be until late August.  For now, you are just telling us that the kid wants to go to the class.  If for example you were to elect interest in two classes running at the same time slot (which has not been assigned yet), that would be a problem for everyone.

If one of the two conditions (donation or guardian assignment) have not been met then you will get an error when you try and assign interest.  The error will look something like this:


After you have cleared the problems you will be able to come back and register your interest.

Any questions, feel free to email

See you then!