Request for Workshop Proposals for Code Stars Summit October 9-10 2014

To: SV Code Camp Past and Current Speakers and Sponsors
Subject:  Requesting Proposals For 1 and 2 Day Workshops
When: October 9-10, 2014 (Thursday And Friday Prior to SV Code Camp)
Where: Foothill Middlefield Campus in Palo Alto
We plan on having between 5 and 10 workshops (each workshop will be 1 or 2 full days) on the Thursday and Friday before SV Code Camp this year (October 9-10).  The workshops will be the same structure as we did at our February Code Stars Summit.  They will be each be focused on a popular technology that is similar to technologies shown at SV Code Camp.
Each workshop will be lead by an industry expert in that field and may be taught by one or multiple leaders.  Attendees will be charged between $300 and $700 per day for a specific workshop.  Attendee pricing will vary based on workshop and early bird pricing.  Sessions will be limited to 20 to 50 people depending on room size.  Workshop leaders will be paid a revenue share from attendee payments.  Workshops may be subsidized by corporations which will affect attendee pricing but that is not expected to be the norm for this event.
If you are interested in being a workshop leader, please reply to  and include answers the below questions.
Best Regards,
Peter Kellner
Workshop Title (50 char max):
Short Description (50-250 chars):
Full Description (150-1500 chars):
Workshop Level (Beg,Int,Adv):
Primary Technology:
Number of  Days (1 or 2):
Workshop Cancellation Questions:
What is the minimum number of students you are willing to teach?
What is the minimum revenue (dollars) you would require to put on a workshop?
Links or Descriptions of Similar Workshops you have done in the past (include amount charged to attendees and locations):
Workshop Room Requirements
Code Stars Summit will be held at the Foothill Middlefield Campus in Palo Alto.  There are two types of rooms we will be using (see pictures below).  The first type are rooms that are air conditioned and modern, the second type (which there are more of) or more classic (not quite world war I class but classic) rooms that are not air conditioned and are more older style.  In October, we do not anticipate it being hot but we can not predict the weather so that might be an issue.  Please indicate whether you are willing to teach in one of these older rooms.
I am willing to teach my workshop in one of the older rooms (Yes/No):
Older Style Room Older Room Style Example
Newer Style Room Older Room Style Example