Silicon Valley Code Camp Kids Workshops Software Requirements


Minecraft Modding

Download and Unzip:

Make sure to pick the right version based upon your machine.


  1. Adobe AIR

Mac OS X –

          Mac OS 10.5 & older –

          Windows –

  1. Scratch Offline Editor

           Mac OS X –

           Mac OS 10.5 & older –

           Windows –

1. Please Make sure you have Python 3.3.5 installed on your machine, specific to the OS. Here is the link:

  1. Please make sure you have PyCharm Community Edition Installed. The link is:

Both above software are free to download and install.


We will be using Arduino Uno kit in the workshop. The kit will be provided, so you do not have to bring an Arduino.

To write software for the Arduino, you will need a laptop in the workshop.  Please bring a laptop.  Download  and install Arduino IDE prior to coming to the workshop.

To install the Arduino IDE:

  1. Go to Download the Arduino Software page.

  2. Go to the section on the page Arduino IDE .

  3. Download and install Arduino IDE for the Operating System on your computer. In the workshop, I will use computer running Windows 7. I will not be able to assist  in  installing the software in the workshop. It is critical the Arduino IDE is installed prior to the workshop.

Windows (XP, 7,  8) users please note:

Device driver gets installed on connecting to the Arduino board. Since you may not have the board, this step will take place in the workshop. Please familiarize yourself with the steps to verify the device driver is installed and is working correctly. For Windows 7/XP, the instructions are at Getting Started with Arduino on Windows

Windows 8 users please note:

If you are using a Windows 8 computer, configure your computer to allow installation of unsigned drivers. There is an article on the web on how to do it.



A reasonably up to date browser (Google Chrome recommended). If you can play the game at you should be good to go.


Download and Install: XCode 6 from


Download and Install: No software needed for wearable tech workshops with Tenaya, but you can use ArduinoIDE to control Lilypad products just like breadboard components.  If you like what we start with in the workshop, Tenaya can give you guidance for the intermediate level.

Graphical Web Game

Please prepare your laptop before coming, and complete the form whose link is below when you are done. The class will not wait for someone who is unprepared.

• Install a recent version of Chrome

• Install the Chrome NetBeans Connector

• Install NetBeans 8, either the “Full” bundle or the “HTML 5” bundle. If you have an older Mac OS and NetBeans 8 won’t install, use NetBeans 7.3.1 instead.

• If you’re planning to draw your own game art, install a drawing/painting program such as the free GIMP or Inkscape. If you are using a commercial program such as Photoshop, ensure you have a legitimate license to run it on the laptop.

• If you want to play around with sound effects, you might want to install Audacity.

Final Confirmation Form

Please complete this short form when you are done so I know you have set up the laptop and to provide some more information.

GameMaker Studio

Download and install GameMaker Studio Standard version free:

Only runs on Windows.  Mac users need Bootcamp, VMware Fusion or Parallels.

LEGO Mindstorms

Download and Install: ??

Raspberry Pi

No installation required.

Circuit Art

Nothing needs to be downloaded or installed.


No need to download or install anything. It’s not hands-on. But, in case you would like to get started, please visit

Kodu with Kids

Download and Install: Please visit Official Site for download with the button on top left “Get Kodu”. Please also follow all the needed instructions to install all required components. Thanks! Note: Check out the site as it has tons of resources!